Elegante Is An Attitude

A Lifestyle Brand

VIVIAN SHEN is much more than a brand, it is a lifestyle and a different experience in the world of luxury segment shopping at real prices. Under the claim: Be Yourself Vivian wants to encourage all women to know themselves inside and out and to express their emotions and needs.

The Founder

You could say many things about Vivian Shen but what defines her best is her own personality. Happy, energetic, creative and positive and with a very enterprising and global profile, she soon felt that her business was about entrepreneurship and although she began her career in the jewelry industry in her native country, soon and out of love, she decided to transfer her knowledge and its product to Spain where the pearl - key element in the design of its jewels - has always had a space in any jeweler.


Vivian Shen represents a woman model where the way of dressing identifies her. Under the concept less is more, try to have the minimum of garments in your wardrobe and combine them with different accessories that make the garment unique at different times of the day: jewelry, sunglasses, or handkerchiefs are great bets for that style of woman . The ideal way to combine these accessories and clothes is the best way to discover who that person is and what kind of character he is. A connection between personality and lifestyle.