“For me it's not about creating a piece of pearl necklace , it's about making women beautiful, confident and powerful. I want women wearing my jewellery to feel fabulous." --- Vivian Shen


Exuding a modern, alluring elegance, VIVIANSHEN’s jewellery collections have become instantly iconic since their debut in 2006. Exquisitely handmade in Shanghai and Madrid with a particular focus on handmade and versatile to wear, VIVIANSHEN’s creations combine luxury and craftsmanship with an innovative modern design, sophisticated embellishments. VIVIANSHEN's jewellery collections are now available both in China and Spain, online at vivianshen.com, and at flagship boutiques in Shanghai and Madrid.


Vivian Shen is the Founder and Creative Director of VIVIANSHENJEWELLERY. Born in China and living between Shanghai and Madrid, where she attended the China Textile University, Vivian takes her first steps in the world of luxury fashion by working for prestigious fashion company and work in HK, Paris, New York etc. 10 years of experience in the industry and her innate passion for designing jewellery pave the way for the launch of VIVIANSHEN in 2006. Combining Vivianshen's unique creative flair and innovative vision—to create pearl jewellery that are not just classic crafted, but also extremely modern and versatile useful-Vivianshen’s jewellery collections immediately gain international recognition.